Monday, March 24, 2008

BIG Weekend!

We have had a very busy weekend, so here's a lot of stuff to read and look at. Hope you don't get bored! Have fun!

Easter Greetings!

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and it was such a beautiful day! Here are a few pictures to tell about what we did.

We, of course, went to church (right across the street). We decided to snap these pictures before the kids went inside after church. I wanted them to be nice and clean and with this group, that wasn't going to last long.

Here is my cute little man in his Easter duds. I just LOVE his deep eyes and his infectious smile!

Here's Allison in her blue Easter dress. Blue is Alli's favorite color, so I just had to use this fabric!

Marianne, as you can tell, loves anything pink! So, she got the same print as Allison, but in a bright corally pink! I was very happy with how the girls' dresses turned out!

All three kids diving into their baskets that the Easter Bunny brought while we were at church. WAY too many goodies!

Marianne was all about finding eggs. We basically had to rip Alli out of her basket to find her fair share of the eggs before Marianne got them all!

I am in love with this little boy! He got his fishy crackers from the Easter Bunny, but he didn't want to give up on getting his sisters' jelly beans and such. We had to keep a close eye on the little sneak! Ahhhh, those eyes!

As I said before, Alli was all-consumed with her Easter basket. I had to finally put it up out of her reach because she just kept shovelling treats into her mouth! What a turkey. She must take after her mom.
It was such a beautiful Easter day. We enjoyed each other's company as well as that of our wonderful families. Thank you Sadie for coming out for lunch and playing with us. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Arrington and Grandpa Grose for letting us come out and play week after week. (And THANK YOU for Enchanted!) We are so grateful for our families and we are so glad we have the gospel of Jesus Christ that teaches us that we can be with them forever. I am personally grateful for my Savior and that he was willing to come and set a perfect example for me and then to suffer and die so that I might live again as he does. What wonderful blessings our Father in Heaven has given to us to know these truths! We love you all!

Ward Party

So, after we worked so hard in the yard Saturday Morning/afternoon, we got to go to our Ward Dinner and Dance Saturday Night. While the kids slept Saturday afternoon, I made a couple of pies to take to the party. Then, at 6:00 we loaded up and drove to the Stake Center. They had delicious BBQ Brisket sandwiches, chips, pickles, olives, and carrots. Then, they had about 20 different types of pies and cookies that the Relief Society provided! We really had a great time together on Saturday and go a lot done in the process!
Justin and Marianne square/line dancing.
Allison and I doing the Macarena!
The girls and me doing the Twist. A little awkward for a 6 month pregnant lady, but fun nonetheless!
Justin taking Allison on a stroll around the dance floor. They both loved it!
Now for Marianne's turn. What an adorable couple, don't you think?
The girls shared a slow dance with each other after their turns with Justin.

Bo basically boogied with a chair the whole night. You can't tell from pictures, but when he heard the music start, he would bob up and down wherever he was. He's already got rhythm!

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Saturday was a very busy day for us. We are attempting a garden this year with all of the space we have. After figuring out how Justin's Dad's tiller worked without slipping out of gear, things went pretty smoothly. Here are a few pictures to tell you what we did.
Justin and Cooper Tilled the garden spot while the kids and I played and worked in the back yard. I got a spot cleared out for an herb garden behind the garage and the kids played like crazy. It was a little cold, but they still enjoyed it.
Here are the cuties on a blanket playing with some toys. Bo did so well. We were outside for a good 4 hours and he didn't start crying until the last 1/2 hour or so. What a trooper!
Here's a cute picture of my boys. Aren't they handsome?
Marianne and Allison loved to play in the back of the truck. They wanted to help load stuff in to go to the dump. What great helpers!
After all of our hard work and play, Justin cooked us some hot dogs and brats and we had a picnic on the floor inside. It was getting a little cold because the wind was blowing. Thanks Daddy!

So, here is the finished product of our hard work in the garden. If you look closely, you can see the row of onions that we planted. If everything goes well, we will have everything we need for salsa. Wish us luck!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Grandpa Winegar

I just adore this video of Justin's Grandpa Winegar singing at a family party. He has got to be one of the cutest grandpas on the addition to my own ;) Hope you enjoy a good chuckle!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Books Anyone?

So, I have been in a reading slump for a few weeks 'cause I just don't know what to read. I have read all of the Stephenie Meyers "Vampire" books...LOVED them! I have also read a couple that Justin suggested by Dan Brown. Very good as well. If anyone has a good suggestion for a good read, I would greatly appreciate it! I like a good "story." You know, the type with a plot and climax and that kind of stuff. A little suspense is good, too. Maybe a little romance mixed in...I'm not talking mushy Romance Novels, just a little romance in the mix. Anyway, hope I can get some good ideas! Thanks everyone!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Joann's Celebrity Look-Alikes

Dakota Fanning? I guess Marianne looks like her and she is my daughter. I just don't see it. I can, however see the resemblance with Magic Johnson! Ha!

Justin's Celebrity Look-Alikes

What do you think? I don't know who most of them are, but I can see the Tom Brokaw resemblance!?!

Marianne's Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celeb - Collage - Morph
I have never thought that Marianne looks much like me. What do you think?

Bo's Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Family history - Ancestry search
I think Bo does look like both of us. I have also had MANY people tell me that he looks just like me. So, I guess I am down with Bo's results!

Allison's Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Geneology - Geneology software
Now, I don't know about anyone else, but this one is COMPLETELY off! Sorry got this one dead wrong! Maybe we'll take some different pictures and try again!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Beds!

I have been searching and waiting for a good deal on a used set of bunk beds for the girls. My searching finally paid off last weekend when I found this cute set for $50 on Justin gave me grief about how much time I spent looking for them, but I knew what I wanted and knew that I wouldn't have much time. I missed one set of older and not as good beds because I didn't call until the ad had been on KSL for 15 minutes! Well, I am glad those didn't work out, because these are much nicer! I called Friday night, after the ad had been on for only 28 minutes. I kind of thought they would already be gone because of my previous excperience, but I was the first caller! I was so excited I was giddy! Justin kept laughing at me, but I was so proud of my perserverence. So, enjoy the pictures and know that I am very proud of my $50 find! Next step...making matching comforters.

Justin putting the bed together. We actually had to meet up with the seller because she forgot half of the bolts, but it all turned out okay.

The girls in front of their new beds! They were so excited that I think it took them about 2 hours to finally settle down Saturday night and fall asleep.

The girls on their own beds. Marianne loves that hers it the top one and that she gets to climb a ladder to get into bed. Alli loves to climb the ladder and play on sister's bed, but she loves to sleep on the bottom.

Allison climbing the ladder to play on Marianne's bed.

I know it's sideways, maybe Justin can fix it. I thought this was a cute picture of Marianne climbing the ladder with Alli swinging like a monkey next to her. Just WAY to much fun!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Justin's Theme Song

I reloaded this song. I hope it works now!
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When Justin heard this song, he about dropped to the floor laughing. It is pretty funny, I have to say. In case you are wondering it is "I'm Still a Guy" by Brad Paisley. Hope you enjoy!