Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sleepy Heads and Happy Hearts

Last night, all of us went to a "Birthday Party" for Justin's friend Aaron that passed away last fall. His wife, Leslie, had thrown him a surprise party every year they were married and she didn't want to miss out this year. We tried a few weeks ago to get together, but Leslie had had a really tough day and decided to postpone. Well, last night, Justin and I and 4 or 5 of Aaron's closest friends, including his brother and his wife, met at Aaron and Leslie's house in Lehi. There was nothing in particular planned, but the night was a huge success.

We sat around for a few hours talking about Aaron and all the fun memories we had with him. Then, before most everyone left, Leslie showed a couple of videos they had taken on some trips and at their wedding dinner. It was really an enjoyable night.

The kids got to play with their friend Aaron Jr. and had a total blast! We didn't end up leaving until about 2 am. Bo fell asleep in his carseat about 30 seconds after I put him in it at 1:30. The girls were asleep before we even hit the freeway. When Justin and I arrived home at 3:00, we pulled into the driveway and realized that the truck was still at the train station where he had left it that morning on the way to work. So, we had to go back and get it because they ticket cars that are left overnight. So, we didn't actually get to bed until 3:30.

I am so grateful to Leslie for hosting this wonderful night. Although I didn't know Aaron as well as his friends from high school, I really had a love for him. He was always there to help anyone in need. If he saw something that needed to be done, he did it. After sitting with Leslie 'till the wee hours of the morning, I had a greater appreciation for the loved ones in my life. The biggest thing she has taught me over the past 6 months since Aaron passed away, is that you shouldn't take anyone for granted. You just never know when they will be gone. She has said multiple times that she wishes she would have not worried about the little things that bothered her, and focused more on the amazing list of good things about Aaron. I know that in my life, I have definately been frustrated by Justin and the kids at times. You know, when you find clothes laying around everywhere or dishes crusted in the sink (next to an empty dishwasher), see toys laying about the house and, of course, stepping on one. All of those things are so trivial. After talking to Leslie and hearing everything she has been going through, I can only think that she would love to find one of Aaron's stained painted on shirts laying on the floor in front of the laundry basket again. Something so trivial when he was here but so ached for since he has gone. So anyway, after last night, I am going to try harder to show my love and appreciation for my family. I want to live so that IF something terrible like this ever happened to our family, Justin and the kids and all of my family would know beyond a shadow of a doubt how much I LOVE THEM!!!

I know that through the generous mercy of our Father in Heaven that Leslie and Aaron will be together again. I know that Justin will get to go horseback riding and camping with him again. I also know that with time, Leslie will be able to make it through this tragedy, but only with the help of our Savior Jesus Christ. I want all of my family to know that I love them with everything that is in me. My favorite part about this gospel is the knowledge that we will be together again forever. The loved ones that I have lost will be waiting for me and I look forward to that day of joyous reunion.

Leslie, THANK YOU so much for last night. You are amazing! I hope that last night was a helpful step on your way to healing. I know it helped us. WE ALL LOVE YOU!


Here are a few pictures we had from our trips to Moab with Aaron and Leslie.

Here we are in the motel room that Aaron insisted we stay in after we showed up at the campground and they had reserved a spot for us...right next to the bathrooms! Yuck!!!

We took the Horses down on our first trip and got some great pictures of everyone riding them, except me, of course. I was 7 months pregnant with Allison!

Aaron and Leslie on our hike up to Delicate Arch.

Aaron and Leslie under the arch.

This one isn't in Moab, but at Fat Cats in Salt Lake. They came to a baby shower held for Justin and me before Marianne Was born.

Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm With Ya, Buddy!

So, the past few days have been a little overwhelming for me. I went to the doctor yesterday and I am dilated to a 2 and 50 % effaced, which isn't much, but it still made everything super real for me. I planned on cleaning up the house a little this morning because I HATE having a messy house on the weekends. So, I started with the bathrooms. I got one done before Bo started crying. By the time I finished the other two, he was practically hysterical. So, I held him and played with him in the playroom for a little while before we headed out to water the garden. Luckily, he loves being outside, so he didn't cry too much as long as I was close enough to talk to him. He stood at the fence just next to the garden while I watered. We came inside and I really wanted to vacuum the floors, but he would have none of it! So, I fixed some Mac and Cheese (the girls favorite) and we ate lunch. After that, I fed Bo his peas (much to his chagrin) and his bottle. He was very mad at me because I made him finish his peas. So, when I went to finish folding and putting away the laundry, I came back into the front room and found him like this. All I could think was, "Dude, I am totally with ya!"
It has hit me hard that I am not ready for this baby to come! Mostly because Bo is such a mama's boy. But alot, too, with having 4 kids under 4 1/2. I am sure that Marianne and Allison will be a great help, but they get frustrated when Bo cries, too. I am sure that things will be great, but I am very anxious and worried about how everyone will react.

As much of a stinker as he was this morning, I can't help but giggle at his sweetness. He really is a sweet baby and just needs that little extra love from Mommy. What a cutie!

Welcome to the Family!

Well, as if another baby isn't enough for us, we have now (along with many of Justin's brothers and sister) become the proud new owners of four calves. We took the kids out on Monday to visit them and try to feed them. The brown and white cow is struggling and still has to be bottle fed. Of course, they ARE only 2 weeks old. The girls had a fun time trying to get the calf to drink from the bottle, even though it wsan't that interested. Bo just watched, content in his stroller. Anyway, in about 18-24 months we should have some good beef to barbeque and cook up! Yum!! Yum!!

Marianne and Allison watch as two of the calves drink from their bowls. These two are really good at it, the other black one is starting to catch on, but the brown and white calf still needs to be fed with a bottle.

Justin helps Alli feed the brown calf.

Allison tries to get him to drink. Marianne must be watching Liesel (our sis-in-law) trying to get the other calf to drink out of the bowl.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Marianne Finishes Her First Year of Preschool

I can't believe Marianne has finished her first year of preschool! She is growing so fast! Here are a few pictures from her preschool program.

Marianne and her teacher, Mrs. Eggett, who also happens to be her aunt Jeri. She was a great teacher and Marianne is going to miss her A LOT!!!

Here is a picture of all of the kids that Jeri taught. Marianne is in the left-center on the top row, with Allison next to her. Jeri was nice enough to let Alli sing with the kids because she knew most of the songs.

Singing "I Like Friends." At the end of each verse of this song, the lyrics ask, "And who are you?" All the kids raised their sticks and shouted out their name. It was pretty funny and darn cute!

Here are all the kids waving goodbye after they sang their "Goodbye Song." It was a little emotional for many of the kids and parents, but most of the tears were shed by Mrs. Eggett. WE LOVE YOU!!!

Marianne with her two best friends from preschool, Sophee and Myah. They were referred to quite often as the "Three Musketeers."

Marianne and Alli are excited for the summer now that school is out!

Bo's excited, too!

We certainly had a great time in preschool this year. Allison can't wait to be in Mrs. Eggett's class next year. Marianne will be going to a preschool around the corner from our house next year so she can get to know some of the kids she will be going to Kindergarten with. She will for sure miss her old teacher, but is excited to start something new. Thank you Jeri! We love you!

Allison Turns 3!

Well, it's a little later than I wanted, but here are pictures from Allison's 3rd birthday party. We celebrated Justin and Alli's actual birthdays on the 5th (their real birthday). We went to breakfast at Doug and Emmy's, came home and played in the yard for a while. Justin and I went to dinner at The Mandarin in Bountiful while the kids played at Jeri's house. Then, we all watched a movie together in Jeri's garage. For those of you that don't know, her garage is converted to a big family room, so we aren't too weird. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

Justin, Katelyn and Marianne playng kickball at the party.

Justin kicking the ball. I think he got out!

Alli opening her huge bag of Tootsie Rolls from the Boli. I enjoyed them immensely!

Alli got a Care Bear from Grandma and Grandpa Barber. It came with a few DVDs of the old Care Bear cartoons I used to watch growing up. It has been fun to watch them with the girls!

The hopper ball Al got from Grandma and Grandpa Arrington, sure to bring hours of enjoyment!
Alli blowing out the candles on her frog cake. I LOVE the cheeks!

She also had to taste the cupcakes we made. I always laugh at her face whenever I see this picture!

I had to include this picture of Bo at the Party. He kept looking for me and was not happy to be held by anyone else. He really has got some adjusting to do before this new baby comes in a just a few short weeks.

It has been so fun to celebrate Justin's and Allison's birthdays together. I can't think of a better birthday present to receive than a new little daughter. May 5th will always be such a special day to me. I remember when I was pregnant with Allison, I went to the doctor by myself a couple of times and the last time I went, the doctor asked me if I was ready to have the baby. This was May 4th. He said I could either check into the hospital at midnight that night or wait four days and go in the next Monday. Well, I had to check with Justin because he would "have to" share a birthday. He said he couldn't say no to that. He was so excited! What a special day for both of them! I love both of my Cinco de Mayo birthday babies!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What Disney Princess are You?

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Which Disney Princess Are You?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Little Creepy

So, I found the little widgit to the side of the posts online. A friend of Justin's at work had one on her blog and he thought it was kinda creepy. I think it's creepy, but cool. Anyway, now you can all keep track of our soon-to-be new little one! Enjoy!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Alli's third birthday is on May 5th. We'll be celebrating her birthday the following Saturday, May 10th with a barbeque and game of kickball. Please plan on joining us for an afternoon of fun.