Saturday, January 3, 2009

Two of Rachel's Firsts

Rachel has had a few firsts lately. Her first first was rolling over, which she did about a month and a half ago. Next came sitting up all by herself. She mastered that about three weeks ago. Well, we decided that since she is OVER six months old now, that she should probably start trying some solid food. I don't know why I hadn't started this earlier. I started Marianne and Bo at 4 months and Allison at 5 months. Oh well, she has been growing just fine without it. But, here are some pictures to document our first attempt at rice cereal...not too productive!

Me trying to pry her mouth open with the spoon. This girl has got an iron jaw!

MOM!!!! What are you feeding me?

Really?!? You want me to swallow this?

Am I done yet?

She has done better each day. Today, I think she actually MEANT to swallow the cereal. Good girl, Rach!

And, here's the first that I am most excited about....

She was such a trooper and it only took me about a minute to get this elastic in her hair. I added a little clippy later, but it kind of hid the piggy. Go Rachel! I'm so pumped!