Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Party After the Party

After "Beauty and the Beast," the kids played in the leaves. It looks like they were not making it easy for grandpa to keep them in a good pile. But, they sure had a blast!

Grandpa rakes while the kids jump around!

More Fun!

Poor Grandpa! At least they got a good laugh!

Some of the kids bury themselves in the leaves. How many do you think are in there?

Allison gives a great smile. She loved the leaves! What a cutie!!

Leaf Fight!!!

Bo gives a huge smile as he shies away from the camera! I just love his big grin!

Beauty and the Beast

My parents took a big group of their grandkids to see Beauty and the Beast at my old high school. They had a "Character Brunch" before the play started. If you dressed up, you got a rose. The girls went as princesses, as you can see.

Here are the girls all ready to go in their beautiful gowns!

Marianne give a pretty princess smile.

Allison does her best to give me a good "Cheese!"

Marianne, Allison, and cousin Audrey with Belle! What a beautiful group of princesses!

Feeding the Ducks

Here Marianne gets a swan to take a pice of bread out of her hand. It hissed at her as it took it! The swan was a little tempermental

This is a picture of the girls with my friend, Angie's two boys, Landon and Nick. The girls are just getting to know them and are having a blast!

I thought this was cute of the girls holding hands as they walked into a little stream that the kids played in for a few minutes. The boys all but dove in, but the girls had to dip their toes in before they decided it was too cold.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Monday, November 5, 2007

Bowling on Friday Night

Joann helping Allison bowl. I think we won!

We decided to go out for pizza at the Pizza Factory in Ogden and went bowling at Fat Cats. Bo really got into it as you can tell.

Marianne celebrating a good bowl.

Justin helping Marianne with her bowling.

Halloween 2007

This year, the kids were characters from Dr. Seuss' "Cat in the Hat." As you can see, Bo was ther Cat in the Hat, Marianne was Thing 1 and Allison was Thing 2. The blue hair seemed be the hit. But, I personally think Bo makes the trio!

St. George

We love to go to St. George with our family. Here are some pictures of the activities we enjoyed on our trip from Oct 26th - 30th. We did a lot of fun things! We missed Justin who had to stay home for work and school, but look forward to having him with us when we go in December.

Bo playing with one of the kids' favorite toys...Winnie the Pooh. He was our wake up call just about every morning with his trumpet playing.

Allison and Mike on the 4-wheeler. What a fun time!

Marianne and Jeri on their 4-wheeler. Looks like they may get a little dirty!?!

The cave that we rode the 4-wheelers to on Tuesday the 30th. We wanted to go in deeper, but the only flashlight we had died. Bummer!

Everyone on their four wheelers by the entrance to the cave we went into.
(L-R Uncle Ray, Joann, Sadie, Josh, Aimee, Jeri, Aubry, and Mike)

Joann and Bo waiting for the Ghost Tours to start. Mom and Dad Barber sent us all out on this activity where we visited some of teh old historic sites in Santa Clara. Each place had a "ghost" that told a good story and gave the kids a little scare.

Allison riding on Mike's back for the Ghost Tour.

One of the girls' favorite things to do in St. George is about as simple as it comes. THE BUBBLE TUB!!! Every time we go down, they have to have a bath in the jetted tub in the master bathroom. Fun, fun!

Another favorite! Swimming in the pool. It was a little chilly, but Marianne still braved the water. She and her cousin Kyle loved playing on the floating bed.

Marianne and Kyle.

Allison got wet up to her waist, but she stuck her head in for good measure. Here she is wrapped up in a nice warm towel.

We helped Jeff and Cami and their family move on Saturday, the 27th. Marianne and Allison's favorite part? Riding on the dolly!

Jeri pushing Marianne on the dolly.