Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Party After the Party

After "Beauty and the Beast," the kids played in the leaves. It looks like they were not making it easy for grandpa to keep them in a good pile. But, they sure had a blast!

Grandpa rakes while the kids jump around!

More Fun!

Poor Grandpa! At least they got a good laugh!

Some of the kids bury themselves in the leaves. How many do you think are in there?

Allison gives a great smile. She loved the leaves! What a cutie!!

Leaf Fight!!!

Bo gives a huge smile as he shies away from the camera! I just love his big grin!


Leslie said...

how fun. these leaf photos just add to my sadness that we didn't get to play in any leaves this year. looks like so much fun.

Jeri said...

your kids are just way to cute!!!!
you guys have so much fun togther!!! I'm so jealous!!1