Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Front Runner

Well, as many of you know, Utah opened it's new commuter rail last Saturday. Justin and I had decided about a month ago that since Monday through Wednesday of this week was free on the train, that we would meet downtown after Justin got off of work and spend some time at the Gateway. So, Monday afternoon, after naps, I, myself, loaded up all three kids and headed to the Clearfield train station. Well, we didn't wait long before the northbound train pulled up and I got these pictures of the kids in front of the Front Runner! Soon after, our southbound train pulled up and we SQUISHED onto it. We had to stand the entire way to Salt Lake. The girls did really well, but I had to hold Bo from about Farmington to Salt Lake. Justin was waiting for us when we got off and we caught Trax and took that to the Gateway. We ate dinner in the food court there and walked around a little bit. After about 45 minutes, the kids were getting crazy, so we headed back the the train. Again, we had to stand the entire way home. Can I just say that being pregnant and holding a sleeping baby standing up in a train for an hour was less than ideal? My lower back and feet hurt so bad, it was ridiculous. After we got off the train, I asked Marianne if she liked it. She told me that she liked the "sitting train" (Trax) better than the "standing train." I thought that was pretty funny. In any case, we can now say that we have ridden "Daddy's Train" as the girls have been calling it for the past few months when we pass it on our way to Bountiful. I think we may try riding it again after the "free days" are past and the excitement dies down a little. Maybe then we will have a seat and not sore backs and feet when we get off.

Here is the Northbound train pulling up.

Allison, Bo and Marianne standing in front of the Northbound train.

I really wanted to get t picture of us actually riding the train, but it was SO crowded that I couldn't even maneuver my camera out of the bag, let alone get back far enough from the kids to snap a picture. Oh well, maybe next time!

Just one more thing. I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the lack of chivalry on the train. On our way down, there were three pregnant women standing while men were sitting just a few feet away. What is worse, on our way home, there was an elderly lady standing by us with nothing to hold on to. She kept loosing her balance when the train would stop and start up again. Well, at her last stop, the train stopped very suddenly and she toppled right over. Luckily, there was a guy with a duffle bag on the floor behind her and the duffle bag broke her fall. But, when she fell, I noticed a bench full of young men and boys sitting not two feet away from this poor lady. It kind of made me mad that they would sit so comfortably as this lady kept loosing her balance and finally fell over. So, for all you men out there that ride this train, this is a call for chivalry! Keep a close eye out for ladies in distress and give your seat to them! Now, I'll get off my soap box and let you go!

Monday, April 14, 2008

First Trip to the Park!

Yippee!!!! It was almost 80 degrees today, so I arranged for a couple of moms and their kids to meet us at the park down the street from our house for lunch. It was so great to get out in the fresh air and sunshine! The girls had so much fun and Bo and I enjoyed sitting on the blanket and snacking on goldfish, apples and a sandwich. Bo had been to the Dr. earlier that day and has an eye infection in his left eye and an infection in his right ear. Poor little guy! But, that didn't seem to affect him while we sat on the blanket and snacked while the girls ran around. The girls mostly played on the slides and in the little window underneath. All of the kids were so cute taking orders from each other like at a restaraunt. I couldn't help but chuckle every time Marianne asked what someone else wanted. It was just so cute seeing them all pretend and play so well together. So, here are just a few pictures from our trip to the park. I almost forgot to take some because I was having so much fun talking to the other two moms that were there, so here's what I did get. Enjoy!

Alli, Marianne, Trevan, and Lizzy in the "Restaraunt."

Marianne cruising down the slide.

Allison at the end of her slide ride.

Trevan making his way down the slide.

Marianne came down so fast that she ended up in Lizzy's picture. I think it's adorable! Cute girls!

Thanks Sarah and Amy for going to the park with us! We had so much fun! Let's do it again, soon!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Our Newest Addition!!!

Well, all of the searching on paid off again! Justin still thinks I am a little obsessed, but this time I found us a great little minivan! I always SWORE that I would NEVER drive a minivan. Then, we surprisingly got pregnant (just a little sooner than we expected) and that put us straight out of a 5-seater car into something bigger. I knew that gas prices being as high as they are, that we couldn't afford to drive an SUV, and a couple of weeks of driving my parents Suburban proved me right! Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us borrow it, but I am glad to be driving something that gets a little better than 12 miles to the gallon! Anyway, here is a picture that I took from the ad on I will get a better one with all of the kids loaded in it. Marianne and Allison are so excited. They love their new white minivan! "There's somethin' women like about a mega-van man!"

Here are some stats on the "Megavan"
2000 Ford Windstar, 89000 miles, rear air conditioning, AM/FM/tape/CD player, tinted windows, and lots, lots more. After finally resigning myself to the fact that I would drive a minivan, I think this one is a great start!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Turn to be Tagged!

Tagged by Kristina

Four jobs I've had
1. Delivered newspapers (hated it!)
2. Chick-fil-a ('twas okay)
3. Preschool Teacher at Head Start (liked it)
4. Mom of soon-to-be 4 (LOVE IT!!!)

Four movies I could watch over and over
1. Surf's Up
2. Enchanted (only 'cause I love to hear Marianne sing along!)
3. Hitch
4. Any Disney Animated Movie

Four places I've lived (plus 1)
1. North Ogden, UTAH
2. Bountiful, UTAH
3. Farmington, UTAH
4. Orem, UTAH
5. Syracuse, UTAH
Not real exciting, huh?

Four T.V. shows I love
1. The Office (much better when I can watch it with Justin)
2. American Idol
3. Criminal Minds
4. A Baby Story (only when I'm pregnant)

Four of my favorite foods
1. Fresh, warm homemade bread with real butter
2. Homemade Apple Crisp (just not the same if it's bought)
3. Stuffed Hamburgers (let me know if you want the recipe)
4. Anything at The Mandarin (chinese food)

Four sites I visit daily
1. (more so when I am looking to buy something)
2. gmail (multiple times)
3. Unglamorous
4. Auto Trader ('cause we're looking for a van)

Four places I have vacationed
1. St. George (at Justin's parents' home)
2. Disneyland (when Justin and I graduated from WSU)
3. Denver (on our Homeymoon)
4. Moscow, Russia (to pick up my big bro. from his mission)

Four places I'd rather be right now
1. In bed, asleep
2. In St. George
3. In the hospital having a baby
4. In Texas to see my new nephew, Brigham

Four bloggers I'm tagging
1. Lee'sa (now it's your turn, too)
2. Jill Tippetts
3. Christy
4. Ash (only because you love it!)

Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me. Feel free to consider your self "tagged" if I didn't list you. Fun, fun!

Welcome Baby Brigham!

Here is a picture of our adorable new nephew in Texas. Joe and Liz had their baby boy on April 7th. He weighed 7 lbs 13 ozs and is 21 inches long. Isn't he cute? And I KNOW cute! Congratulations Joey and Lizzy! We love you!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Marianne and Allison Have Been Tagged!

My friend Lee'sa's daughter, Annie tagged Marianne, so I decided to include Als in the tag. Here are 10 things you may or may not know about each of them!



1. Is 4 years old.

2. Loves to sing.

3. Still takes a good nap almost every day!

4. Loves princesses (what 4 yr old little girl doesn't?)

5. Knows all the books in the Book of Mormon.

6. Knows the First Article of Faith.

7. Knows the Second Article of Faith.

8. Can sing all of the songs from Enchanted.

9. Knows all of the letters of the alphabet and their sounds.

10. Can get any little baby to laugh their guts out!


Allison Jo

1. Will be 3 years old next month.

2. Sings and reads herself to sleep.

3. Can almost sing the "Books in the Book of Mormon" song all by herself.

4. Likes to play by herself most of the time.

5. Likes to wear anyone's shoes she can find.

6. Has a very big sweet tooth, like her mom.

7. Was potty trained before she was 2 years old.

8. Can write the "A" in her name all by herself.

9. Can sing all of the songs from Enchanted with her sister.

10. Has the most infectious laugh of anyone I know!


Okay, so now the girls have to tag 5 friends. Aaron Jr, Lily, James, Jacey and Duncan. Hope you enjoy!