Monday, April 14, 2008

First Trip to the Park!

Yippee!!!! It was almost 80 degrees today, so I arranged for a couple of moms and their kids to meet us at the park down the street from our house for lunch. It was so great to get out in the fresh air and sunshine! The girls had so much fun and Bo and I enjoyed sitting on the blanket and snacking on goldfish, apples and a sandwich. Bo had been to the Dr. earlier that day and has an eye infection in his left eye and an infection in his right ear. Poor little guy! But, that didn't seem to affect him while we sat on the blanket and snacked while the girls ran around. The girls mostly played on the slides and in the little window underneath. All of the kids were so cute taking orders from each other like at a restaraunt. I couldn't help but chuckle every time Marianne asked what someone else wanted. It was just so cute seeing them all pretend and play so well together. So, here are just a few pictures from our trip to the park. I almost forgot to take some because I was having so much fun talking to the other two moms that were there, so here's what I did get. Enjoy!

Alli, Marianne, Trevan, and Lizzy in the "Restaraunt."

Marianne cruising down the slide.

Allison at the end of her slide ride.

Trevan making his way down the slide.

Marianne came down so fast that she ended up in Lizzy's picture. I think it's adorable! Cute girls!

Thanks Sarah and Amy for going to the park with us! We had so much fun! Let's do it again, soon!


aimeee said...

That was an awesome Idea. I wish I would have thought about that.

Ashley said...

How fun! I am looking forward to James being old enough to enjoy the park. Very cute pictures!

Leslie said...

we NEED this weather to stick around someday. being outdoors is so much nicer than indoors.
cute kids.

Dax-A-Lish! said...

I can’t wait until Justin and I can do the spider down the slide, just like back in the day! Remember Jus???? Don’t deny it!!!