Saturday, April 12, 2008

Our Newest Addition!!!

Well, all of the searching on paid off again! Justin still thinks I am a little obsessed, but this time I found us a great little minivan! I always SWORE that I would NEVER drive a minivan. Then, we surprisingly got pregnant (just a little sooner than we expected) and that put us straight out of a 5-seater car into something bigger. I knew that gas prices being as high as they are, that we couldn't afford to drive an SUV, and a couple of weeks of driving my parents Suburban proved me right! Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us borrow it, but I am glad to be driving something that gets a little better than 12 miles to the gallon! Anyway, here is a picture that I took from the ad on I will get a better one with all of the kids loaded in it. Marianne and Allison are so excited. They love their new white minivan! "There's somethin' women like about a mega-van man!"

Here are some stats on the "Megavan"
2000 Ford Windstar, 89000 miles, rear air conditioning, AM/FM/tape/CD player, tinted windows, and lots, lots more. After finally resigning myself to the fact that I would drive a minivan, I think this one is a great start!


Leslie said...

justin, aaron would laugh at you.
but i think it is a wise decision. way to go joann... you have now officially become a minivan mom.

Kendall and Lee'sa said...

Congrats on your new addition! We gave in a couple years ago and baught one as well. I really want an SUV like you, but yes it is too expensive right now with gas and all. We've been talking about trading our van in for a newer one. It's so easy getting the kids in and out of. Not to mention, climbing back there in the middle of a road trip!

aimeee said...

they really are great and roomy. I liked mine alot, especially when it came time to clean and I could take out the seats and move around like I was is my livingroom.