Saturday, May 24, 2008

Marianne Finishes Her First Year of Preschool

I can't believe Marianne has finished her first year of preschool! She is growing so fast! Here are a few pictures from her preschool program.

Marianne and her teacher, Mrs. Eggett, who also happens to be her aunt Jeri. She was a great teacher and Marianne is going to miss her A LOT!!!

Here is a picture of all of the kids that Jeri taught. Marianne is in the left-center on the top row, with Allison next to her. Jeri was nice enough to let Alli sing with the kids because she knew most of the songs.

Singing "I Like Friends." At the end of each verse of this song, the lyrics ask, "And who are you?" All the kids raised their sticks and shouted out their name. It was pretty funny and darn cute!

Here are all the kids waving goodbye after they sang their "Goodbye Song." It was a little emotional for many of the kids and parents, but most of the tears were shed by Mrs. Eggett. WE LOVE YOU!!!

Marianne with her two best friends from preschool, Sophee and Myah. They were referred to quite often as the "Three Musketeers."

Marianne and Alli are excited for the summer now that school is out!

Bo's excited, too!

We certainly had a great time in preschool this year. Allison can't wait to be in Mrs. Eggett's class next year. Marianne will be going to a preschool around the corner from our house next year so she can get to know some of the kids she will be going to Kindergarten with. She will for sure miss her old teacher, but is excited to start something new. Thank you Jeri! We love you!


Ashley said...

Ok, your kids are so dang cute! That picture of Bo... he is sooo handsome!!

Arrington Family Blogger said...

What beautiful (and talented) children! Thanks for keeping up with your blog so I can see them every day! Love you all, MKG