Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Camping and Rafting

So, after our river trip two weeks ago, (adult only trip), I was very excited to take the kids camping with most of their cousins this past week. The girls even got to ride on the upper part of the river in Captain (Grandpa) Jack's raft! We actually headed up the Alpine a day earlier then everyone else so we could get some good play time in with just our little familia. I am glad we did because it was a total blast and there were so many cute pictures. Here are just a FEW of my favorites!

First thing in the morning on Thursday, the kids found the little stream that ran behind our campsite. They couldn't resist throwing a few rocks into the river before we headed to Subway for breakfast.

Here's the three older kids posing on a rock. I think it's so cute. They are still relatively clean and the stream behind them is so pretty.

Bo found this cool little dirt hole and sat in it for a good half hour. He just played with the rocks in his own little spot and was in seventh heaven!

Here's a picture of our campsite before everyone else got there. It was pretty wide open and the kids had a TON of room to roam and play. (Probably TOO much room if you ask Grandma!)

Rachel chilled on my lap while her big brother and sisters played.

We went up to East Table and let the kids play in the water there. Bo was NOT happy about the life jacket, but Justin made him stay in it long enough to take a picture. I am glad!

The big girls show off their big muscles!

My two little sweathearts. That water was so FREEZING! But, they were good sports and let us take this adorable picture of them together sitting in the river.

Bo would not get any closer to the water than he had to in order to throw a few rocks. But, here he is posed on a rock looking his best! Man! Those little girls are going to be in trouble!

Here's the four kids sitting on a log by East Table. Can you believe Rachel is already sitting by herself at only two months! Hee hee!

Bo gets ready to throw a rock or two into the Snake.

Marianne and Allison LOVE their cousins. Duncan was the first cousin to join us by a long shot and they had a blast together!

This is the first picture of Rachel smiling. She is definately a morning person...OH NO!!!

Allison still asleep in her sleeping bag...

And Marianne...

And Rachel...

But, of course, Bo was wide awake ready for the dirt!

Rachel fell asleep in the chair. I think she looks like a little farmer with her hat pulled down over her eyes.

The girls get ready to go RAFTING!!! Alli cried for a few minutes, but enjoyed herself most of the way down. Do you love the dirt on their faces? Try as I might I couldn't seem to keep them all clean while we camped...go figure!

See what I mean!

We had a complete blast! Thanks to everyone for such a great time. Thanks to Amy and Shron for the food. Thanks again to Dad/Grandpa for the rafting, too! And, thanks to EVERYONE that helped with my four little kids, especially Grandma, Amy, Shron and Gus, Lex, London, Kate, Amberly, Haley, Baylee, Jackson and Kendrick. You guys ROCK!


Julie said...

I lOVED all of your photos. You got some good ones. I agree, Bo is going to be a lady-killer. Now, was that a hand holding up Rachael on that log? hee hee I think you have a great tradition with all of your family. You are sure brave to take 4 little ones camping! It looks like they all enjoyed it.

Kim Rosqvist said...

Rachel is growing so fast! We need to get together soon, I really need some friend time. Call me!

Kendall and Lee'sa said...

You are a fearless mother. I don't know how you do it with 4 babies! I love how you say the 3"older" kids. :) Cute cute kids!

Ashley said...

So so so cute. My favorite is the four of them on a log. How fun!

Joe and Liz said...

It looks like all of you had so much fun! What a fun place to take all of your kids. I can't believe how fast Rachel is changing!

River Rafting said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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