Monday, March 16, 2009

Marianne Learns to Ride a Bike...Take 1

On Saturday, Marianne had her first attempt at learning to ride a bike. Justin was excited to teach her and Marianne was very excited to learn. See exhibit A:

Exhibit A: Justin and Marianne posing for a picture before Justin sends her off down the little hill on her own. Just look how happy they are!

Marianne heads down the hill to see how far she can pedal before she loses her balance.

Marianne pedaling and pedaling trying to make it as far as she can before she has to put her foot down.

Bo helps Marianne push her bike up ths hill for another go at it.
Marianne made it down the hill a few times before she actually got hurt. She hit the inside of her leg on the seat when she lost her balance. Well, after that, it was a no go! See exhibit B:

Exhibit B: Marianne after the "fall." Mom (not knowing the ins and outs of learning/teaching to ride a bike) asked Marianne if she wanted to be done. She said, "Yes," and Dad shot a look at Mom. But, the damage was done and she was an emotional wreck until we let her stop for the day. So, keep on checking in for our next installment entitled "Marianne Learns to Ride a Bike...Take 2."

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amberly said...

Tough little girl. so BIG to.
-cotton eye jo-