Friday, May 8, 2009

What the HECK?

Pictures of Allison's birthday party are on their way, but I just had to post about Rachel's latest...a new tooth. But, not just ANY tooth...a MOLAR!!! Seriously...what the HECK!?! She has a total of three teeth now. Her front two on the bottom and a top molar. Crazy! She's not even 1 until June 16th! No wonder she's been a little cranky the past few days. Poor kid...poor Mom!


MKG said...

I think she wants steak for her birthday dinner. Ü

Leslie said...

hi... i just looked back through your latest postings. i hadn't even seen the easter one yet.
joann!!! those skirts are too cute. you have such a talent. you really should be selling your kids clothes.
anyhow, i can't believe rachel has a molar. what on earth?
let's get together soon. maybe we can try to plan something for next weekend??? down in lehi??? we will see.