Thursday, September 4, 2008

Marianne's First Day of Preschool

Well, the day finally came! Marianne has been chomping at the bit to start school. She is now attending a preschool just around the corner from our house with a couple of boys in our ward. She already loves it! She told me the other day that she was sad to not be in Jeri's preschool, but that she is excited to go to her new school. At least we get to see Jeri and her familia twice a week for Alli's school. Now, if we could just make next Tuesday magically get here tomorrow, Allison would be happy. She has been waiting and waiting for her school to start, which makes me want it to start yesterday! Anyhow, here are some adorable pictures of Marianne the morning of her first day of school! She is adorable and so stinkin' smart!

Marianne by the big old tree in the backyard. She looks so grown up in her babydoll shirt and flare jeans!

I LOVE this picture of my big girl! What a doll, huh?

Here's Marianne with the two boys from our ward, Brady and Joshua. The sun was very bright, so they were all squinting, but they are cute anyway. Brady tells his mom that he is going to marry Marianne. Ah, young love!

Marianne with her teacher, Miss Vicki. She loves her already!

I am the mom so I get to brag as much as I want. If you don't wanna hear it, stop here. When we went to preschool registration, Miss Vicki had all the kids trace their names for their box labels. Well, after Marianne traced her name, Miss Vicki asked me if she could write it herself. OF COURSE!!! (I did hold back, though. I did not tell her she could write Allison and Bo's names by herself, too!) She already knows the names of all the letters and numbers. She knows all of her colors, too. She is a great colorer and often colors pictures for people, puts them in a grocery sack and hands them out the next time she sees them. She is ALWAYS asking questions to learn more and more. She is a sponge, I swear and B-E-A-utiful to boot! Love you, babe! Have a great year!


MKG said...

Of course she is intelligent and beautiful! Did you expect anything less??? And WE are NOT prejudiced! We just tell it like it is! Love, MKG

Ashley said...

You can brag all you want- I love to hear it! Your kids really are stinkin' cute and stinkin' smart. I love her outfit, holy cow, soooo cute. And I was going to ask, did you guys take Rachel's pictures for her announcement? They are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

Joann said...

I will brag again and say that I took Rachel's pictures. I know, I know, impressive! Justin did the invitation, though, so I should give him credit for at least that!

Leslie said...

she is growing up so fast. i still remember holding her when she was just such a little baby.
good luck marianne.