Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bo Bo Bo-dee-o BO

I know that everyone knows it, but I just love this little guy. He has a part of my heart that I never knew I had and I can't imagine life without him! He is such a little tease and he LOVES water. One of his favorite things to do it take whatever sippy cup he has and shake it until the water (or something worse) empties onto the floor, or couch, or table, or bed, or... So the other day we at aunt Aimee's house again and we borrowed a sippy cup for some water. Well, Bo made his way around the corner, where we couldn't see him and basically emptied out the red sippy cup he had. Stinker! So, we made him clean it up. Which he thought was the coolest thing ever! What a sweetheart!

Bo shows off his mess-maker!

Bo cleaning up after himself. Cute little bum, huh?

So, then yesterday when I was getting the tub ready for the three big kids, I had filled the tub and was getting their clothes and diapers ready before I got Bo in. Well, apparently I wasn't fast enough for him and he decided to climb in by himself. I had no camera because Justin had unknowingly taken it to work in the van. So, thankfully, Aimee lives close enough for me to call and ask her how fast she can be at my house with her camera. She got here in time to take these (and more) cute pictures of Bo in the tub...fully clothed! How can you possibly get angry at that ADORABLE face?!?!

Bo thinks he's the "stuff" because everyone is laughing at him.

Bo stading in the tub, soaked from head to toe. You can see his COMPLETELY filled diaper rounding out his bum. What a nut!


Ashley said...

How stinkin' cute! I agree, what a cute little bum! Diaper bums are always the cutest!

Kristina said...

HAHAHA... um that sure sounds familiar. Zack's favorite thing is to dump his cup and makes sure all comes out. That's funny Bo climbed in the tub. I've learned that lesson to before I start the water get Zack in his diaper, if not then he ends up in the tub just like Bo did. I sure wish I had a camera that day.
I agree that diaper bums are the cutest!

Julie said...

Ohh, he's just so darn handsome!

MKG said...

Such a sweetheart! Love him! Love, MKG

Kristina said...

hey just seeing if the computer is working

Leslie said...

i just got caught up on the last few postings. they are great.
cute marianne getting to cut off the bishop's tie.
cute rachel sleeping.
adorable bo in the tub fully clothed.
and cute and HILARIOUS allison and her 'butt' cakes. what? that is so funny.
we are going to make some of those in the next few days.

Anonymous said...

YAY for Winder Dairy!!! You rock my sox when you buy winder!!