Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rachel Just Snoozin'

On Monday nights, Justin has school, so we usually just have a little Mom and kid time and watch a movie or something. But last Monday, my bro-in-law, Jim was out of town leaving his wife and boys home alone as well. So, I asked Aimee if they wanted to have family home evening with us. We played RockBand for about an hour and then had ice-cream sandwiches. Rachel fell asleep on Aimee's couch in this relaxing position. I love how her fingers are intertwined. I thought it was so stinkin' cute that I had Aimee snap a picture! Isn't she cute?

Rachel snoozes at Jim and Aimee's house.

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MKG said...

Pure, 100% sweetness. Ahhhhh! Love, MKG