Wednesday, February 11, 2009


To start off, I have to admit something. I love to change around furniture! I have done it quite often since I was able to single-handedly move furniture around in my bedroom years ago. Well, I finally got Justin to agree to move things around downstairs, which started a chain reaction. We moved the entertainment center over, then the kids toys downstairs where the entertainment center used to be, then we finished by moving Bo out of his big sisters' room and Rachel out of our room and into a room with her big brother. Anyone confused or tired, yet? Here are some pictures to show off all of our hard work! Thanks Justin! I love you!

Here's Marianne and Allison's spacious room. Now that the crib and changing table are out, they have room to actually breathe!

Here's a picture from the doorway of Bo and Rachel's new room (aka old playroom).

Here's Rachey in her crib. Since moving her out of our room, she has slept through the night and I have had to wake her up at 7:00 am to eat. (Yes, I am nursing ;)

Rachel LOVES her new crib! And I love those bright eyes! What a cute little stink!

Here's a picture of out new seating arrangment downstairs. You can see some of the kids toys behind the futon.

And, here's another view of the t.v. viewing arrangement. One of these days we'll have a nice plasma can dream, right?

Here's a shot of the kids's new playroom. They love all the space and all the light from the big windows. What they DON'T love, though, is that it's about 10 degrees cooler in the basement than unpstairs. We make sure they have socks on their little toesies, for sure!

Another shot of the new playroom. The big magnet board you see is one that our friend, Aaron Harkness, built before he died. We feel very forutnate to have a couple of his pieces in our home. We miss him dearly!

So, there you have it! We have been very busy and are enjoying the new set up. The kids love their new sleeping arrangement and their new playroom and Justin and I are enjoying having our bedroom back to ourselves!


MKG said...

Holy cow! Your kids are gorgeous! Rachel's eyes are...well, I'm speechless! I can't even describe them - but I sure do love 'em! Love, MKG

Julie said...

I agree, I am a big fan of shuffling around furniture every now and again. Your playroom looks so fun. And wow, Rachel's eyes are beyond beautiful!

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