Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sleepy Boy

Allison, Bo, Rachel and I went for a bike ride today. I rode the bike I got for Christmas, Allison rode the trail-a-bike (which she was NOT comfortable with) and Bo and Rach were in the trailer behind Als. We rode to the library, about 6 blocks away. The kids loved it...Alli, not so much, but she got used to it when I told her if she didn't cry I'd give her ice cream when we got home. Anyway, it was great to get out and try out our setup in the nice spring weather. Well, I think Bo got a little worn out being in the sun or something. This is what I found about 5 minutes after I put him in bed with his book for a snooze...

He didn't even make it halfway through his Trucks book. Poor little guy.

Yup, he's under asleep. I love this little guy!

(By the way...that's a library book and it was like that when we borrowed it...promise!)


Ashley said...

Cute!! James has done the same exact thing this week!! It was even his trucks book! His is torn too, but sadly to say it is ours and was brand new a week ago. He didn't rip it on purpose, it has just been read A LOT in the last week :)
Cute little Bo.

christa said...

Cute pictures. Fun to look at the bike pictures. We're scared to try that one. We're afraid once Malia falls once it'll all be over. Has she tried it again?

Leslie said...

that is hysterical! i can't wait for the REAL spring to start.