Thursday, July 3, 2008

No Longer a Baby Boy!

So, there have been a few changes around our house since Rachel arrived. Bo seems so much bigger to me, although he is still a baby. He decided today that he wanted to walk. The most he has done until today is taken a few steps here and there. But, today he has been waling from piece of furniture to piece of furniture all day long. I don't know, but maybe it has to do with getting his first ever haircut last night. He had whispies that he could have flown away on. But, with help from his daddy, he got his first buzz. He looks so handsome, but just not like a little baby anymore. I guess that's jsut how it goes, right?

(P.S. Thanks to Jim and Aimee for letting us use their clippers :)

Bo eyeing the clippers before Justin gets to work. You can see the little hairs whisping out above his ear.

He really did like getting his hair buzzed. He laughed at his sisters the whole time.

Another great picture of him smiling while he got buzzed!

After the buzzing. Justin had me buzz his head, too. I have to admit, it's not my favorite hairstyle on a daddy, but it keeps him cool in the summer. I am sure he enjoys his 6 mile bike ride to and from the train station with his hair cut short.

Another shot of Bo after his haircut. he just looks so big! Love you, little man!


Julie said...

First haircuts on baby boys are so sad. They seem more like little boys instead of babies. But, WOW, is he still so dang cute!

AimBarb said...

Nice clippers!

Arrington Family Blogger said...

WOW! Such a difference1 The haircuts make them both look so grown up - ha! I love 'em! What handsome guys!
Love, MKG

Leslie said...

love the matching hair cuts.
6 mile bike ride every day?

Ashley said...

Oooo how cute! James is getting his haircut soon too. As soon as I let myself get rid of his little curls...

LisaArrington said...

I love the one of Bo and Justin... with his little eye brow raised like he's wondering if you notice how dang cute he is!

amberly said...

A hair cut already?!?!?!?