Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our 4th! (Lots of Pictures!)

So, I am not one of those photoshop people that can combine a bunch of pictures , so this post is VERY long! There are just too many fun pictures from our 4th of July activities! So, if you are ready, have a looksie!

Justin and the kids swimming at Jeri's house.

Allison showing off her sweet goggles. I think they need a little fixin'.

Jeri playing "Chicken" on Austin's shoulders. I got TONS of funny pictures, but thought I would save Jeri some face and save you some time looking at a b-jillion pictures!

Bo chillin' in the floatie. He didn't love it, as you can see.

Aimee was in heaven holding baby Rachel while everyone swam. (At least she seemed to be). Rachel was content as well.

Allison showing us how to swim. Notice the perfect form!

Bo got a little tired towards the end. What a sad little boy!

It may have been because I made him take a picture with these goggles on. But he looks cute, right?

Marianne and Sadie playing in the tube. What cute girls!

Mike swinging Alli in the floatie. I think her look is so precious. I think she likes her uncle Mike?!?

My two big girls waiting for the fireworks to start.

Bo waits patiently, too.

I can't do without one of these pictures of my buddy's eyes. What a handsome little man!

The girls and I painted our toes while we waited. If you can't tell, we also put little jewels on them, too. Way cute!

Marianne and Justin kicking the ball around. Marianne is getting very good at not using her hands to stop the ball.

Rachel models her 4th of July outfit. What a beauty!

Sadie holding Allison while they watch the fireworks. Try as we might, Justin and I couldn't get any of the kids, but Rachel to sit by us. At least they had fun, right?

Rachel telling me she is ready to go home and go to bed.

Maybe not!

Bo and his cousin Madie playing with the cups and water. I think they were more entretained by that than the fireworks themselves!

Bo playing with the cups again, this time with some fireworks in the background. Cool, huh?

Another one of Bo, looking to see who's calling his name to take a picture...Daddy!

The three oldest kids reluctantly pose for another picture. I was getting after Justin for taking pictures during the fireworks, so we didn't get a great one, but at least you can tell they are there, right?

Thanks to everyone who spent the day with us. We had a blast! Jeri, thanks for letting us raid your house and pool. We love it every year!


Arrington Family Blogger said...

We missed you guys a lot, but it looks like you had a fun 4th! Love all the cool pictures!!! Geesh! You have beautiful children! Love, MKG

Julie said...

You can really never have too many photos of kids as cute as yours. I loved looking at them all. Rachel is changing all the time!