Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cute Pictures

So, last Saturday we went to our Syracuse Idol competetion to support one of our fellow "RockBanders." He ended up taking 2nd...walking away with a popcorn popper, a digital frame and $75 cash! Man! Next year, I'm goin' for it! The winner got the popcorn popper, a digital frame, something else I can't remember, $100 cash and a $500 Visa giftcard! Boy, could I find stuff to spend THAT on! Anyway, here are some way cute pictures of my kids taken that just the right time of day!

Marianne, my little blondie.

Allison Jo in all her stragelly hair glory.

Bo showing off those beautiful dark brown eyes.

Rachel trying her hardest to wake up, despite the bright sun shining in her face.

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Arrington Family Blogger said...

OMGsh! These pictures just make me cry! These kids are so precious - so different and so beautiful!!! Love, MKG