Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Reunion!!!

So, this all happened so fast, but it was so great! Two of my friends called me yesterday to see if we wanted to meet at a park for dinner and fun times. To make a long story short, we ended up getting together with some of my highschool friends that I hadn't seen for at least 4 years! It was so great to catch up with everyone and meet some of their kids for the first time. I really wanted to get more pictures, but I got distracted talking to my good friends! So, here is what I DID get!

A few of us sitting around talking and eating. From left to right, Kari (Hanks) Holliday holding her daughter Bella, Holly McKeeth, Kim (Hawkes) Rosqvist and Jared McKeeth. Angie (Anger)and Kelly Taylor are behind Jared and my little Bo is in the foreground.

Another one of us chatting.

Kari and Richy Holliday.

Kari and Richy's oldest daughters, Eden and Paige.

Bo holds out the cookies like he's ready to share...yeah right!

Jared McKeeth's family (L-R - Logan, Holly, Anna, and Jared)

Richy Holliday's family (L-R - Richy, Eden, Bella, Lincoln, Porter, Kari and Paige) I should mention that Kari and I were friends before she knew Richy. We had some music classes together at Weber State and were inseperable for that year. It makes me so sad that I haven't kept in touch with her over the past 4 years. I am re-commiting myself to not let that happen again!

Kim (Hawkes) Rosqvist's family. (L-R - Kemp, Koby, Sam, Kim and Eric)

Angie (Anger) Taylor's family (L-R - Kelly, Landon, Angie, Nic and ?)

I really had a great time and was so happy to see these people again! I love them all! Let's not let it be another 4 years before we see each other again!


Arrington Family Blogger said...

How fun, Jo! I'm glad you got to get together with these kids. It's been a long time since I've seen them too! You all have such beautiful children! Love, MKG

Kristina said...

I am jealous that you saw everyone. It's great to see how everyone is doing. You are so brave to do such a thing after just having a baby...YOU ROCK. Bryan is doing really well and I am such a happy first time Aunt. I will post pictures soon on my blog so I can show off my cute cute nephew Luke..

Kendall and Lee'sa said...

Man, I'm sad I'm missing stuff like that being so far away. Everyone's kids are just gorgeous! Let's get together when I'm in town!

Jill said...

So fun to be able to see old friends. It was GREAT to see you and your cute family Thursday. I could have held little Rachel all night!

Leslie said...

looks like fun. it is always so great to see old friends.
by the way... rachel is so cute.
how are the other kids handling a new addition to the family?

Jill said...

Totally off the subject, but in response to the comment you left me - I googled "chuck" shoes and apparently they are converse shoes. So you know what those are? I used to have a pair of green ones that I loved. I guess the official name that I found was "Converse All Star Chuck Taylor" shoes.