Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hill Aerospace Museum

I had a doctor appointment last Wednesday morning and needed someone to take care of the kids. I feel lucky that my mom and sis-in-law, Amy were taking a field trip to the Hill Aerospace Museum. I asked my mom if she would mind taking my three little ones with them. Well, with Amy's help with the stroller, they had a great time! Here are some cute pictures my mom took of the adventure.

Amberly, Allison, Marianne, Bo, Dean and Duncan in front of the "Shark Airplane"

Allison and Marianne pose in a cockpit for this cute picture.

Allison in front of "Her" engine.

Bo spent his day in the stroller...and loved it!

Amy balanced this bird on Bo's toe. He was fascinated!

Try as he might, he couldn't get it to balance by himself.

A few of the kids on the computers. I guess they have added a learning center at the museum. I think this could have been the girls' favorite part.

Thanks Mom and Amy for letting my kids go with you. They had so much fun. And thanks for letting me come to lunch with you afterwards!

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Kristina said...

Next time you go call me. I've wanted to take my boys there for such a long time... I don't work anymore so I'm more free, so lets do something this week if your up to it. If it's not warm enough we could do the Tree House, or just the park... Any who how are you feeling these days..YOU READY??