Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bo Man Turns One!!!

Well, we made it! My little man turned the "1" on Saturday, the 7th. Justin was golfing in a tournament in Manti, so Lisa (my little sis) slept over at our house and went to breakfast at Doug and Emmy's with us. Bo had his first pancake and LOVED it!!! Then, we came home, made ice cream, frosted his cakes and got ready to head to aunt Jeri's for the birthday party. Here are a few pictures to tell you the story!

Bo's birthday cakes. He got the baseball all to himself!

Opening a few presents.

He didn't enjoy it for very long. Maybe too much excitement?

"Give me the binky and nobody gets hurt!"

"Much better! Now, let 's see some more toys! "

LOVE this picture of Bo while we sing to him. What an angelic face! He really is a sweetheart!

Bo starting in on his cake. I almost forgot to take off his shirt.

Now, he's ready to go! Here, he gets his first taste.

He got much more messy than this, but we had to feed everyone else their cake and ice cream. I have to say that this is one of my favorite pictures, too. It's like he's just checking to see if he is actually allowed to eat something that tastes this good!

Thanks to everyone that came. Even though the pool was a little cold, I think it was still fun. It was a long way for a lot that came, but I hope you know how much I appreciate it! Thanks to Jeri and her family, too, for letting us use their pool, house, backyard, etc. etc. etc.

Happy birthday little man! I love you so much!


Leslie said...

thanks for the invite. it was fun.
CUTE cake and cute photos.

Julie said...

Jo, you always make the cutest cakes! I loved the idea of giving him the ball all to himself. He is SO handsome!

Holls said...

Those cakes were the cutest idea ever! You are just so creative, and Bo is such a handsome little 1 year old!

Steph said...

What a way cute cake! I definitely admire your creativity. Happy birthday Bo!