Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So, this week I decided that I wouldn't have a lot of time after this baby comes to get the stuff done that I needed to do. So, I started making appointments yesterday and am exhausting myself getting them done. Wanna know what my week is like this week? Here goes!

Monday - Made appointments, got hair cut

Tuesday - Took all 3 kids (with my mom's help) to Target for Alli and Bo's yearly pictures. Then went to lunch. Visiting teaching appointment tonight.

Wednesday - Dr. Appointment (I really hope he says I have at least until the end of the week. You'll see why later!) A pedicure (AAAHHHH!). Then, more visiting teaching apointments.

Thursday - Kids doctor appointments in the morning, then I plan on cleaning the house. We'll see if Bo actually lets me this time!

Friday - My eye doctor appointment in the afternoon.

I think that's it for now. Today, while my mom and I were waiting for the pictures at Target, she got Allison a new booster (thanks Mom!) so Bo can have her seat and the new baby can have the carrier. We still need gifts for the kids from their new baby brother/sister and a crib bedding set for Bo. He has been sleeping in the crib with a blanket as the crib sheet and a pink bumper pad since he moved in there! My mom asked if that keeps him up at night. He seems not to mind, but I do!

So, after reading this, if you are all as tired as I am, take a nap. That is one thing that I definately COULD NOT do without at this point. But, I WILL be ready when this baby comes!


Eric and Heather said...

That is exciting that the time is getting closer for your new arrival!

Ashley said...

Your week sounds extremely tiring. Good luck!! I am so excited for you guys. One more DANG cute kid to add to the bunch :-)