Sunday, January 6, 2008

Family Poems

On Christmas morning, we had all of the Barbers over for breakfast. Everyone brought yummy food to eat and we had a great time. After breakfast, before we opened gifts, we played a fun game. I gave everyone the same first line to a poem and the four groups came up with unique poems. Here are the poems everyone wrote, including one that I did on my own just for fun. Hope you enjoy!

Group 1
'Twas 4 am on Christmas Day
And John was leaving for Costco.
He started on his merry way
Because his boss said he must go.

The storm was raging the snow was deep,
When Santa tried to land.
But his approach was way too steep
So he needed a helping hand.

John pulled over and said to him,
"Hey Santa, need some help?"
But Donner's antler had impaled him
And all he could do was "Yelp!"

So John hooked up the sleigh
To good ole Blue.
And delivered the toys
To the old and the new.

Group 2
'Twas 4 am on Christmas Day
Mike's out plowing
And Santa's on his way.

Mike almost hit a reindeer
And killed a little duck.
While driving on the Boulevard
In his great big ugly truck.

The family was waiting
In total despair.
In hopes that Mike and Aubry
Soon would be there.

They got there in time
To go to Joann's.
And write this poem
For all of their fans.

Group 3
'Twas 4 am on Christmas Day.
Where is Mike? We want to play!
He's been out plowing all night long.
We're sure glad that Mike is strong.

I ran out of tape
And wrapping paper, too.
Maybe I
Should just use glue.

All the kids' glowing faces we can't wait to see.
Oh, wait! I mean Jim 'cause he got the Wii.
Poor Jay, he wanted one, too.
But, Jim says he can come play, too.

Group 4
'Twas 4 am on Christmas Day
And I decided I wanted to play.
The gifts upstairs were gleaming and bright.
For Santa brought them all in the night.
So, up I went as quiet as I could.
The thing I was doing was not very good.
I knew that Santa would be so sad.
He would take me off the nice list and put me on the bad.
But I didn't care. I just wanted a peek.
These toys would all be ruined in a week!
I stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked;
And in just on moment, I was instantly hooked!
I ran to the gifts, the paper did fly.
I was having such fun that time flew by.
I found such great stuff and I was so glad.
Except for the pajamas, because they were plaid.
Taking my time, I quite enjoyed myself.
I thought, "I would make one great elf!"
When I was all done, I went back to my room.
I knew that my family would be up soon.
They would all be so glad for the help that I gave.
This was the Christmas that I had saved!

This is the one I wrote ahead of time just for fun...
'Twas 4 am on Christmas Day,
And in our beds we finally lay.
The gifts are wrapped, the stocking filled.
The children will be oh, so thrilled.

It's been a long night
And we try to drift off.
But, what do we hear?
It's a faint little cough.

The kids are awake!
But, we try to be sneaky.
We both lay in bed
As if we were sleeping.

Well, that doesn't work.
And soon there's a struggle.
Both of us want to
Just lay there and snuggle.

Who has to get up
And put the kids back to bed?
And who gets to stay
Under the nice, warm bedspread?

Joann wins because
She has the best present.
And that gift is the knowledge
That she's 3 months pregnant!

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Leslie said...

i don't think i ever congratulated you on your pregnancy.
so congrats. that is really exciting.
when are you due?