Monday, January 28, 2008

Tubing/4-Wheeling in the "Backyard"

Here are most of the pictures of our tubing and 4-wheeling activity. I hope everyone had fun. Marianne was beside herself all day just waiting for the fun to begin!

Everyone waiting for their turm to ride.

Most of the kids had a little fun on their own while they waited for a turn. I LOVE Jackson's face as he throws this snowball!

Tyler Arrington (Jeff and Angie) gets pulled by Joann, Lisa and Allison.

Savanna and Luke Gilmore enjoying a turn around the yard.

Nathan Arrington (John and Ann) holds on tight for his ride.

Ann couldn't get shown up by her own here she is holding on for dear life!

I had just as much fun pulling people as they did riding behind me. Here I am with Katelyn (Gus and Sharon) and Allison. She loved riding on the 4-wheeler, too.

I honsestly have no idea who this is. Maybe Justin does. It is just a great picture! A little blurry, but still funny!

These could possibly be my two favorite pictures of the day. My dad's face is priceless as he approaches the jump and then, when he hits it...

Ann and her son Carson getting a ride!
Another one of my favorite pictures. This is one of Breck and Robb's kids, Savanna and Luke. The lighting is gorgeous and their faces are adorable!
Josh (Jim and Aimee) getting pulled behind his dad's 4-wheeler.
Justin pulling Cody (Jay and Liesel) as he screams to go "FASTER!"
Another of my favorites! Katelyn (Gus and Sharon) can harly contain herself!

One of the three little girls. Allison, Marianne and Reagan laugh it up as they hold on.
Justin pulls Robb and his little boy, Luke.
I have to laugh at this one. You might have to enlarge it to see just how funny Reagan is trying her darndest not to fall off!
Here's all the onlookers watching from way up on the deck!
Baylee and Audrey (Jeff and Angie) get a ride as a cute set of sisters.
I love this one, too. Grace (Jeff and Angie), Jeff and Nic, who is the son of one of my really good high school friends, Angie, loved riding on the 4-wheeler more than tubing. I think they rode on the 4-wheeler for almost the full hour and a half we were out there!


AimBarb said...

Looks like so much fun. I wish I could have been there. I will get over it while I soak in the sun!

Leslie said...

goodness... looks like marianne got to have a lot of people over for her birthday. that looks like fun.