Monday, January 28, 2008

Marianne turns 4!!!

Marianne had quite the birthday this year. It all started on Thursday, at preschool. I got to go with her and spotlight her with a poster with way too many pictures on it. Hs also shared her favorite treat...popcorn and M&Ms. It was a lot of fun. On Friday, we spent the day as a family...until later that night. Then , Saturday was her big party. I hope you enjoy the pictural account.

Marianne and her mom at preschool the day before her birthday. As you can see, the poster didn't have a blank square inch with all of the pictures and the decorations. Isn't she the cutest little blonde you've ever seen!?!

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Leslie said...

sorry we missed the party. we would have been there if aaron were still with us. i just couldn't do it.
i am so sorry. i hope you understand. it looks like it was a great day though. lovely photos.