Monday, January 28, 2008

That *$%@# Dog!

The girls and I baked the cake and all the cupcakes on Friday, so the cake would have time to freeze and would be easier to frost. So, when it was done, I put it on the tray and covered it with saran wrap. I then placed it carefully outside next to the house, on the deck. I asked Justin if he thought an animal would eat it overnight. He assured me it would be fine. So, I went to bed with no worries.

When I went out to start the ice cream on Saturday morning, this is what I found! That blasted canine had eaten half the cake! I hope he enjoyed it. I also hope he enjoyed the upset stomach he had later that day when we were all playing outside. I was still frosting cake number two when people were arriving at the house. So, needless to say, it wasn't my favorite cake I have decorated. But, such is life and I will eventually get over it. Either I will or I won't, right?

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Leslie said...

oh man... you can't trust a dog to stay away from yummy food. we learned that once after getting take out from chili's. aaron had ode with him and ran into the store and when he got back, one full entree had been eaten. we shared the other one. :)
aaron said that he wanted to see how obedient ode would be... guess we found out. :)