Monday, January 28, 2008

Opening Presents!!!

Finally! Marianne kept asking when the party was going to start. I tried to explain to her that it was already going, but she wouldn't believe me. are a few pictures of the "party."

Marianne's fancy pink cowgirl boots from Mom and Dad.

Enjoying having everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to her.

Ripping into just one of the many gifts she received.

Just a snapshot of the final cake. Turned out well under the circumstances.

It's pretty blurry, but still cute. Marianne took about four puffs to get all the candles out. Only because she kept blowing OVER them!
Thanks to everyone who helped make the party a success. To Jeri and Mom for making soup and to Sharon (and her kids) for the yummy homemade bread. We hope everyone had a blast! We sure did and Marianne enjoyed every second of it!


crash said...

pretty cake, awesome boots... Sounds like she had a great day!

Jeri said...

What a great birthday Marianne!!! I'm sure glad I could be a part of it. Sure love all you guys Jeri

Leslie said...

wow look at that cake. way to go.
happy birthday marianne.