Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snow Fun!

Last Saturday, Jim and his boys came over and helped Justin shovel snow off the roof. Then, after all the hard work it was time to play. We built a snowman first (with the help of Austin and Josh) then headed out to the back yard. We hooked up a sled to Jim's 4-wheeler and made a few runs around the yard. Everyone had a blast and we got some great pictures. The pnes of Justin, Austin, Kyle and Josh are of them hitting...or "not-so-hitting" the jump we built. Enjoy!

Our family with a new least until he melts!

Bo catches a ride with Mom on the sled!

Bo loves the snow!

Joann and the kids, watching the boys go off the jump.

Justin "not-so-hitting" the jump!

Austin "not-so-hitting" the jump, too.

Kyle nailed it!

Got the best picture of Josh. He really got some air!

Allison only rode the sled twice...she really didn't like it.

Marianne, however, couldn't get enough. She wanted on every chance she could get!

Marianne loved pulling riders with Jim, too! I love the look on her face!

She was even brave enough to go it alone!
Marianne's favorite part was honking the horn on the 4-wheeler. She laughed her head off whenever she scacred one of us with it! So cute!

We had a blast. We are hoping there is enough snow to do this activity for Marianne's birthday party on the 26th! Pray for snow so you can come celebrate and have some snow fun with us!


Arrington Family Blogger said...

CUTE snow pictures! CUTE kids!!! MKG

Leslie said...

looks like fun. great action shots.