Monday, January 28, 2008

Marianne's Actual Birthday

Justin took the day off of work and we played all day. We went to breakfast at Doug and Emmy's in Kaysville. Then, we came home and baked and baked and baked. Then, the girls took a snooze. When they woke up, we called a few people at the last minute to go of Marianne's favorite pasttimes. This is everyone that went, except for Aubry's friend, Carley Longhurst, who was snapping the photo.

(L-R) Kyle, Josh, Joann, Bo, Allison, Jim, Jeri, Marianne, Sadie, Austin, Aubry, Madie, Justin, Madi, Emily

Kyle is praying for a strike.

Austin has some great form. Think it was a strike?

Justin helps Marianne roll the ball down the ramp. She got a couple of strikes, which is pretty good for a four-year-old. That reminds me. Jim has a Wii that you can bowl on. Marianne is a pro. She got four strikes in one game...with no help! It's pretty hilarious.

Looks like this must be one of the times she got a strike as she gives Daddy a high-five.

Alli is wishing her big sis a Happy Birthday. Cute, girls, huh?

Bo is having a blast, too. He got passed around quite a bit, which was good for his overwhelming separation anxiety!

Allison gets help from her mommy to roll the ball down the ramp. I think she got a couple of spares that night, too.

This must not have been one of those can see the pins still standing behind us.

Nice form Justin, who I am sure was the top bowler of the night.

Not a bad form either, Jeri Ann. Strike?


Julie said...

Whoa, Marianne is way better at bowling than I am. (We have a Wii, too and I can't even do that very well)

I agree, she is one of the cutest blondes, ever! (Oh, and in reply to your comment, "yes, San Diego is sounding pretty dang nice right now with all this snow)

Leslie said...

when do the birthday festivities end? this is one GREAT birthday. looks like a blast.

Our Family said...

What cute pictures and what a fun birthday for Marianne! She is looking like a mature 4 year-old! I hope you guys are doing great! Love all the pictures! Give me a call sometime! JILL, Konnley, Jaden, Jacey & Kamryn!